Viva EP

by Viva Pablo Santiago

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released April 1, 2010

Craig Santiago - Drums
Pablo Surman - Vocals, Keys, Winds, Production



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Viva Pablo Santiago Kingston

Viva Pablo Santiago is a group dedicated to the teachings of the legendary South American revolutionary Pablo Santiago.

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Track Name: Liberty
So here it is, we said we’d never let this stuff happen here
It was written in the law so it could stay clear
Since thirty-five years, Pinochet’s disappeared
Guantanamo bay we are ruled thru fear
Freedom for the money, Justice for the rich
If you don’t have a dollar than you don’t get in.
I just try and tell it in the way I see,
The ideals we have are not reality
& I sometimes despair about the state we’re in,
But we got to stay on, can’t let them win.
Enough of this same bullshit for years
My mother always told me it would end in tears
But I never really knew it could get this weird,
I never really knew it was so severe.

Now I want to see,
What happened to this Liberty
That we love to talk about so much.
It was always cash that would save your ass
& the have-nots just go down like that.

Freedom for the money, Justice for the rich,
If you don’t have a dollar then you don’t get in.

So there it went, despite our hopes for a new president
Seems like the change we had just got spent.
Seems like my tax money just got sent
To bail out unelected government, free rent.
What of these principles we hold so dear
Is there anyone among us who can keep things clear
And is it any wonder that the faith is gone
People homeless, people starving, this is wrong
Indoctrination is the corporate song
But are we really free when its gone on this long
There’s another thing I’d like to say
But I gotta get some money so I just cant stay

One flag, unite
To spend and fight
In wars abroad
At home cash is tight

From sea to shining sea
We’re mired in poverty
1 % takes everything
Now how is that democracy?
Track Name: Shutdown
No, no matter how your feelings lie,
We had better stick together this is do or die
You know our common enemy makes you my friend
So we need to hold on until the bitter end

I sometimes think mine is the only way
But there are many given paths on any given day
Too many times I miss my goal
Too many times I sell my soul

Two wrongs don’t make a right,
Too long till it’s out of sight
In this here fight I don’t stay connected
This situation gonna get me rejected

Turning my energy to something real
Instead of misplaced perceptions thinking how I feel
Instead of pointing the fingerand fixing blame
Better recognize intentions are the same

Relatively speaking it’s inside the frame
Opinions are diverging on the same game
Open up quick before we get shutdown
Hiding isolation in your frown
Track Name: Healing
Acting rough like you've got nothing to hide
Yes you still talk tough but the strength is inside
Screwface is certain, no he never cry
But now the doubt pulls inside like a flowing tide

I don’t want to know about the things you’ve done
I want to talk to you when this fight is won
I won’t play the game of the people with the power
Like a hate amplifier that just turns the loving sour

Hating life because it’s so unfair
Well you’re always criticizing from the easy-listening chair
But you can’t open up to the coldheart stare
When the smiles you wear, brand you unaware

So learn your lesson, and don’t go wrong
With a universal buzz that binds so strong
You don’t spit on the weak, you help them up to their feet
Yes, clear out the s**t that spreads hate in the street

Now I repeat it’s not the seat of judgement I’m in
Don’t need the heat, stay on my feet, I won’t relent trying
We’ve got to beat them, got to beat them before it breaks us down
Can’t let them cheat us or defeat us on our own ground

Everyone has their season &
Everyman has his reasons
Given time you see I’m only asking why

Everyone has their prison
Refracting truth like a prism
Another time you see I’m only asking why

If it’s all about the healing
Then I did my share of thieving
& I cannot change whats done now
Just gotta be right where I am

If it’s all about the being
Then I open up myself to feeling
& I cannot see what will be
Got to take the next step
Track Name: Suspicion
Rolling thru town, hoping for a score
Back on the same tracks I was on before
I’m getting blurry at the edges but I still hold on,
You know this bad situation, will soon be gone
I don’t want to play the mugs game
With the uniform in charge
So we got to pull together when times are getting hard
If we know who we are & where we’re coming from
We can all be proud, we can all be strong

Money, it grinds us down
Suspicion, we can see it spread around
Hatred is a circle leadin down down down
Why do we put this poison on our ground.

I’ve got a feeling that it’s coming my way,
You know this crazy situation will be sorted someday
And I’m wishin that the system would get off my case
Cause I’m not of the opinion that life is a race
You know that it’s a fact that we all need our own space
Gotta play the cards we’re dealt at our own pace
When it’s all about the money ain’t a damn thing funny
People holding on but it’s gone….