No Hope

by Viva Pablo Santiago

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Smoking myself to an empty shell
I want to look inside but can’t stand the smell
It’s burning up they all look and yell
And I‘m falling to the bottom of this f-d up well.
Nothing left to sell, can’t break this sleeping spell
I’m in a floating hell, What’s real, can’t seem to tell

In my head it always seemed something wrong,
Never knew a better way to be
Every time I tried to start to change it
This will be the death of me

The holding source's force is such
It requires a soul-dead mental crutch
But I will not retire the higher within
Because a hit without the shit is like a life without sin.
Now I’m trapped in here, one more hit eternally
This is all I’ll be, deadened pain inside of me

This is the thing, you can’t win on the spin of a pin
I’ve had my thrills, done my pills, but I still feel ill.

All my life I just want to get free
But the liberator ends up holding me
Don’t turn your back, it’s gonna make you crack
You’ll get banged up together, forever with smack
Another burned out freak, so f-d up that I can’t speak
Every time I turn to go, one more hit is all I know.

No Hope, No hope in here.


released February 25, 2012




Viva Pablo Santiago Kingston

Viva Pablo Santiago is a group dedicated to the teachings of the legendary South American revolutionary Pablo Santiago.

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