Words Not Working

by Viva Pablo Santiago

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drums by Bruce Allen
other stuff by Ben


These words aren’t working any more
There’s no real way that I can be sure
Before I put my feet through the door
Ask me now, when did I get so raw
I wrap myself around it
I can’t see it, so tell me is it true?
And any way that I roll it,
It can’t be me so it must be you.
Don’t want to be wrong whatever it takes,
To help myself, I feel a tough break.
I still can’t see it
It must have been you
I can’t face up that my defects showing through.

What’s said inside my head
It never comes out sounding like it’s supposed to and
I dread in every second spent another form ofmiscommunication and
Don’t let myself go drifting out on waves of isolation, no
I can feel it shutting down
No, it’s not working now.
These words aren’t working anymore.
These words aren’t working anymore.


released January 5, 2012




Viva Pablo Santiago Kingston

Viva Pablo Santiago is a group dedicated to the teachings of the legendary South American revolutionary Pablo Santiago.

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